We all have dreamt of this day!
A random post of ours will get featured on Instagram’s Explore page and we will have an ocean of followers, flooding our account and enjoying the years and hours of hard work we have put into our Instagram feed.
We are well aware of the impact that Instagram has on the world of social media. With over a billion active users, it is clear that Instagram has become a hub for content creators, influencers, and businesses to showcase their products and services.
Instagram’s Explore page is one of the most popular features of the app, allowing users to discover new content and accounts based on their interests. Recently, Instagram has introduced several new features to enhance the Explore experience, and we are excited to explore them further.

1. Quiet Mode

With the Quiet Mode feature, Instagram is taking steps towards addressing the issue of social media addiction. This feature allows users to take a break from the constant barrage of notifications and alerts by muting them for a set amount of time.

By using Quiet Mode, users can choose to silence notifications from Instagram Explore, along with other parts of the app, for up to eight hours.

2. Hidden Words

The Hidden Words feature is designed to protect users from potentially harmful or offensive content. Instagram has created a list of keywords that are commonly associated with offensive or harmful content. When a user searches for any of these words on Instagram Explore, they will receive a message informing them that the content has been hidden due to its sensitive nature. This feature is a great way to ensure that users are not exposed to content that could be harmful or offensive to them.

3. Multi-Select

Instagram has also introduced the Multi-Select feature, which allows users to select multiple interests at once when they are exploring content on the app. This feature saves time and effort, as users no longer need to individually select each interest they want to see. Instead, they can select multiple interests with a single tap, making the process of exploring content faster and more efficient.

In conclusion, these features do offer a safe, healthy, and personalised experience while using Instagram.
Quiet Mode allows us to take a break from the constant notifications and alerts, Hidden Words protects our followers from potentially harmful content, and Multi-Select makes exploring content faster and more efficient. As content creators, we are always looking for ways to enhance our user experience and engage with our followers in meaningful ways. Instagram’s commitment to improving the user experience is evident, and we look forward to exploring these new features further in our own content creation processes.