Twitter’s latest feature is going to change the way writers interact and influence their followers. The Twitter notes feature helps readers interact with the writers and get a better insight into the content they create. Instead of a blank tweet, they introduced a notes card. They give a sneak peek into your work and the notes option can be used by brands, journalists, bloggers and writers to share their work with their readers.

Twitter notes is a feature that allows users to attach their thoughts to a tweet. They can be used to highlight an important quote in the article, give a brief intro to an article, list a few takeaways or even share an image with the audience. There are a lot of ways you can use Twitter notes to engage with your audience and share more content than just a 280-character tweet. It allows users to add notes to their tweets. 

Notes can be anything from a link, image, gif or video. As of now, Twitter notes can be viewed as a tweet by adding a hashtag #note to the tweet. You can also view notes as separate content through your Twitter app. The notes can be accessed by using the same hashtag. 

How to share notes?

Step 1
Navigate to the Notecard.

Step 2
Select the share icon. 

Step 3
Share the Tweet by copying the link or sending it via Direct Message. You can also Retweet and Quote Tweet Note cards in your timeline. 

How to share a Note from a Note reading view

Step 1
Navigate to the Note.
Step 2
Select the more icon at the top of the Note. 
Step 3
Choose from two options: Share via Tweet or Copy the link to Note to share elsewhere.

How to find Notes to read on Twitter?

Note cards will appear in the timeline just like other Tweets when they are Tweeted, Retweeted or Quote Tweeted by someone you follow. 

Once a note is published by a writer, the note will have a unique URL, which people can navigate to whether or not they are logged in to Twitter. 

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