Snapchat recently announced a new camera and editing tool called Director Mode.

The Director Mode offers a new suite of camera features and editing tools inside Snapchat, aimed at making videos look better than ever. This new feature adds a set of video tools to the app to enable creators to take better-looking content off their smartphones.
In addition to game-changing editing tools, Director Mode gives access to the new dual-camera feature, which allows the use of both front-facing and rear-facing cameras simultaneously. This new mode is targeted towards a subset of video creators on Snapchat. 

Snapchat is also making it easier to seamlessly change the background of your videos in Snapchat through the use of the Green Screen Mode, while their Quick Edit function allows you to easily capture and edit multiple snaps together. The features are designed to intuitively organize tools such as Quick Edit, which lets creators add transitions to videos, as well as things such as the enhanced Green Screen feature and a new dual-camera mode, among others. This means Snapchats Shared Stories also incorporates a heavy moderating factor on the content, which is done through the use of a mix of automated language detection and a new Community Review tool. The new, enhanced features are a part of shared Stories, and they work in such a way that users now have a choice of friends whom they can extend this story with, contributing further photos or videos, and these friends can invite others to do the same

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