The best free video editing software is also perfect to learn the basics, like creating transitions from shot to shot, adding soundtracks and special effects, and much more. With the right free video editing software, you can make picture-perfect clips ready for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you like.

We know many creators and businesses cannot afford to spend money on premium tools, so we created this handy guide to the 5 best free video and photo editing software that will get the job done. 

InVideo- Online video editor does the bulk of the work, turning your articles into videos with their cutting-edge templates.    

WeVideo: No registration is required, it is free to use, and edited videos do not come with site watermarks or labels.
MovieMaker Online includes free music and stock photos and images that you can add to your videos, as well as adding transitions and some basic effects. It is a proper timeline-based editor, and you also get free music and stock photos you can add to your videos. The app lets you cut, trim, and edit videos, and it even offers HD recordings, which have immediate video effects, themes, and filters applied. 
The Video Editor app has a suite of tools for creating and editing videos, which allows you to incorporate music, text, motion, and 3D effects. You can also set up chroma keys for greenscreen, create custom video masks, and elevate your footage with an array of 3D composition tools in Adobe Premiere Pro. Add photos, videos, music, and anything else you would like included, and the app automatically edits and produces your video. It is ideal for anyone starting out to dabble in video composition because it is straightforward and simple to use.

VideoPad also has more than a million pieces of media in its library, ranging from videos to images and sound files, which are all royalty-free once you purchase the Business Plan. It does not have as many advanced features as some of the other free video editing software on this list, but with options for adding lighting effects, adjusting colors, and layering text and images, there is enough here to make it worth a free download. While it does not come with many editing features, it is fairly simple to use and allows for the creation of the square, vertical, and horizontal videos. 

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