Alt-text is a crucial way to ensure that the visually impaired receive a clear picture of the photo online and get more accurate information through their screen readers. Instagram’s Alt-Text is the description that identifies the contents of an image and allows your photos to be described by a screen reader. 

Instagram Alt-Text, or Alt Tags, is a resource Instagram offers to help posts become more accessible for all users.    

To add an Alt-Text to an Instagram photo, use the link for Advanced Settings after selecting the filter during the posting process.

When creating a new Instagram post ADD ALT TEXT WILL APPEAR as an option at the bottom of the Compose window once you have uploaded the image. To change automatically-set Alt-Text for an older post, you first need to choose the image you would like to edit from the feed. Instagram will set your Alt-Text on each image automatically, so there is no need to repeat the same for other posts.  
Instagram will generate the alt text automatically for your posts but often does not capture the complete context and description of an image within the post. 
As mentioned earlier, using Alt-Text helps Instagram mark up what your posts specifically include, so that Instagram can better its image detection software. 
If the Alt-Text in your post is descriptive and relevant then it helps to increase the searchability of your content on the platform, which then increases the chances that your content is shown to a wider audience. Adding  Alt-Text to your images will help more users to find you, making your photos more descriptive to people with visual impairments.   
You can write descriptive captions, add appropriate hashtags, and add appropriate Alt-Texts on each post to take advantage of search and discover functionality. You can add an alt description to Instagram before you publish a post, or you can do so after.    
Select the photo you would like to publish, add filters if desired, then navigate to the details page, where you will add your post caption. Once you have taken or selected your photo and made any changes, tap on Next. Once you are done editing the post, tap Next and you will find Advanced settings on the bottom of the screen. To open the regular editing menu, tap on the triple-dot icon in the top-right of your post, then select the edit option.    
When you provide an alternative text, it acts as a useful signal for relevancy for the search engines, or, in Instagram’s case, the algorithms, who understand the keywords targeted by an image, better.

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